TrendMicro Antivirus Products Detect pak_generic 001 Virus in Octopus Setup Files

  • Some versions of Trend Micro Antivirus detect pak_generic.001 in the octopus.msi or

    This is a false positive alarm of TrendMicro. pak_generic.001 is triggered because octoscan2.exe contained in the installation file is a UPX packed executable.

    Workaround: Configure your Antivirus Software so that pak_generic.001 detection alone does trigger a virus detection.
    We test the setup files with before we release it to the filebase. Out of the currently 49 antivirus engines on, only Trend Micro triggers the false positive.

    More info abuot UPX packer:


  • Starting with Octopus 1.8.6, the compressed .exe files will no longer be in the octopus.msi file. The scanner is now only available in the file.
    This should ease the handling of the .msi for sites with Trend Micro Antivirus.