OctoSAM 1.8.9 / 1.8.10 Releases

  • Release 1.8.10 centers around usage metering on Terminalserver / Citrix. A new immediate metering mode has been added to the inventory scanner to accurately report software usage in terminal server farms.

    The machine object has been extended with new fields for easier querying of hardware related information.

    All 3rd party components have been updated to current versions

    Release 1.8.9 adds many new features to the active directory interface. Integration in complex AD architectures is easier with many new configuration options for connecting to AD via LDAP or LDIF files. New queries make it easier to find discrepancies between Active Directory and the OctoSAM Repository.

    1.8.9 also rebrands visible product names from Octopus to OctoSAM.

    Both releases add a lot of significant improvements to queries, the user interface and diagnostic messages.