OctoSAM Installer 1.8.16 - New Features

  • Out of the Box Client Install
    With OctoSAM 1.8.16 we streamlined the installation process, particularly for the client installation. This should make it easier to distribute the OctoSAM GUI client using the original .msi.
    For simple configurations where users connect to one database only, the .msi can now be used right out of the box with no additional configuration. When the user starts the client he is asked to provide the database server and database names. The entered values are then used as defaults for all subsequent connections.

    Database Repository for Queries, Reports and Tasks
    OctoSAM 1.8.16 now provides a repository for configuration, queries and reports in the database itself. This means that you rollout updates to these definitions without having to configure paths to a central fileserver location first. Updates of queries, reports and other configuration items can now be performed without having to roll out a new client version and without having to provide the infrastructure for centralized configuration files.

    Database Configuration for additional Settings
    Most settings that you could traditionally configure in the Octopus2.exe.config application configuration file are now also configurabe in the database ConfigurationInformation table. This allows not only easy central definition of these values but also different values per database which was not possible in earlier versions.

    Quiet Client Installation
    Per default, the .MSI installs only the client. This is a change form prior versions of the software.

    msiexec /i OctoSAM.msi /qn

    Quiet Server Installation
    Install of the server features and the configuration samples can be requested by using the ADDLOCAL variable

    msiexec /i OctoSAM.msi /qn ADDLOCAL=OctoSAM_UI,OctoSAM_Server,OctoSAM_SampleConfig

    Manual configuration of the server configuration files and manual installation of the server services is still reqired, see the Installation manuals.

    Quiet Uninstall

    msiexec /uninstall OctoSAM.msi /qn