• OctoSAM 1.9.2 is available for download in the file base.

    Supported Environments
    (no change between 1.9.1 and 1.9.2)

    Octoscan2 Scanner Windows Server 2003 SP1, Windows XP SP3 or newer (32 and 64bit)
    OctoSAM Database SQL Server 2012 R2 or newer.
    OctoSAM Server Components .net Framework 4.6.1
    OctoSAM GUI .net Framework 4.6.1. 64bit OS and minimum of 8GB RAM recommended

    New Features

    Hyper-V Virtualization Scan
    Scan of Hyper-V hosts (Windows Server 2012 and newer) and guests (all supported Windows platforms).

    Virtual Machine Mobility (vCenter and Hyper-V)
    OctoSAM Inventory now keeps track of the virtual machine to host relations. This allows to identify virtual machines that change their hosts frequently and can help to answer license mobility questions.

    Software Publisher
    OctoSAM Inventory now supports and maintains a catalog of software publishers.
    Publishers defined by Octosoft can be assigned to signatures using regular expressions.
    Software package to publisher relations are either set based on the detected signatures or can be specified manually.
    Site specific software publishers can also be defined and assigned to packages.

    Software Publisher Auto Assign

    The software tree can now be grouped by publisher in addition to the default category grouping.


    Normalized software publisher information is available in many queries and reports.

    Junk Signatures
    The master catalog now contains rules to identify junk signatures. These signatures are per default not displayed if unassigned.
    Junk detection rules are per publisher.


    URL Columns in Grids
    Urls in grids do now render as hyperlinks that are directly clickable to open the web page.

    Search Context Menus and Buttons
    Allow direct search via Google with the selected value.

    ImportControl / ImportFolder / ImportStatistics
    ImportControl now keeps track of the import folder where a scan file was imported from. Table ImportStatistics has been removed.

    Service Refactoring
    All services now use a common framework for installation and basic operation. Installation now sets reasonable start type and recovery options automatically.

    Import Service
    The order of import file operations in case of multiple import folders has been optimized. The import service now reads information of all files from all folders before importing the files oldest first.
    New property 'title' (Personal Title) synchronized from Active Directory for User Objects.
    Housekeeping scripts can now be configured to cover many integration and transformation problems where OctoUtil or other external scripts had to be used in the past.
    Service installation now configures reasonable defaults for service recovery

    New program name OctopusAnonymizer. Now included in the .msi Server Components, including sample configuration files. This allows for automatic update of the program together with the other OctoSAM server components.
    New option to remove users and machines with non-standard names that may lead to strange results
    Multithreaded scan and update for large tables results in twice the throughput compared with older versions
    The anonymizer can now execute OctoUtil scripts. This allows for example to remove specific objects before or after anonymization.

    <!-- delete machine id 15 before anonymizer -->
    <script language="OctoUtil" run="before">
    delete machine 15

    Windows Server 2016 Support
    Windows Server 2016 is supported by the scanner and also as an installation platform for OctoSAM.

    New Windows 10 Variants
    Windows 10 Pro Education and Windows 10 Pro Education N are now detected, Windows 10 LTS Versions are properly detected.

    New SQL Server Variants
    Additional SQL Server variants are detected

    Improved GUI performance
    Improvements from careful tuning of database access code throughout the code.
    Improved drawing performance

    Update Instructions:

    • Make a backup copy of the database
    • Migrate to schema version 1.9.2 from 1.9.1. See release notes of 1.9.1 if you migrate from earlier versions.
    • Deploy the new Version of Octosocan2.exe to your environment
      .scan files are compatible with versions 1.8.11 or newer of the import Service
      Consider new setting ScanProductKeys to disable the product key scan. Default is enabled.
    • Stop OctoSAM services on the server
    • Make a backup copy of all configuration files
    • Run the .msi Installer
    • Merge the configuration settings with the new configuration template files.
      Be especially careful with the assembly binding redirect section of the configuration files. This section must exactly match the settings in the provided sample configuration files.
    • Update the software catalog from latest master file
    • Import Queries and Reports from provided .zip file
      If you have custom queries, reports or tasks: Unzip the .zip File from the release and copy your custom files to the appropriate folder. Zip the folder structure again and import the new .zip file into the database.
      Using configuration file Query.Folder setting in Octopus2.exe.config is still supported.
    • Restart OctoSAM services
    • Update the VMWare vCenter scanner if in use (http://Support.zip/VMWare). Note the new sample code in scan_vcenter.ps1
    • Update the AD Group scanner if in use (http://Support.zip/GroupScan). Note the new sample code in scan_groups.ps1

    Known Limitations :

    • FlexLM Diag scan supports only first configured vendor daemon, expiry date and other data scanned from diag is not available for other vendor daemons on the same FlexLM Server.
    • Currently, the database does not allow more than 32767 issued licenses per server. Counts greater than that value will get truncated.
    • Group Settings Published Software Packages: Changes to the published Software Packages are immediately written to the database, cancel out of the dialog is ignored