OctoSAM 1.9.2 SP1 Release

  • OctoSAM 1.9.2 SP1 is available for download in the file base.

    Supported Environments

    (no change from 1.9.2)

    Octoscan2 Scanner Windows Server 2003 SP1, Windows XP SP3 or newer (32 and 64bit)
    OctoSAM Database SQL Server 2012 R2 or newer.
    OctoSAM Server Components .net Framework 4.6.1
    OctoSAM GUI .net Framework 4.6.1. 64bit OS and minimum of 8GB RAM recommended

    New Features

    Database Maintenance / Housekeeping

    • All Database Maintenance and Housekeeping tasks have been moved to the Import Service. The database maintenance dialog has been removed and replaced by the Housekeeping Settings Dialog.
    • Housekeeping now automatically removes old Software Signatures that are no longer used.
    • Housekeeping in the import service supports compression and deletion of log files in a specified folder (see sample configuration file)

    Other Changes

    • SQL Server 2016 SP1 Scan
    • Updates to 3rd Party components
    • Stability Updates

    Update from 1.9.2:

    • No change in the database schema from 1.9.2
    • Stop OctoSAM services on the server
    • Make a backup copy of all configuration files
    • Run the .msi Installer
    • Merge the configuration settings with the new configuration template files. Special attention to the new houskeeping log4net configuration and settings.
    • Set housekeeping preference from the new version of the GUI (Setup -> Databse -> Import Service Housekeeping) before restarting the import service, Otherwise the first housekeeping will use default settings which may not be what you want.
    • Update the software catalog from latest master file
    • Import Queries and Reports from provided .zip file
      If you have custom queries, reports or tasks: Unzip the .zip File from the release and copy your custom files to the appropriate folder. Zip the folder structure again and import the new .zip file into the database.
      Using configuration file Query.Folder setting in Octopus2.exe.config is still supported.
    • Restart OctoSAM services

    Known Limitations :

    • FlexLM Diag scan supports only first configured vendor daemon, expiry date and other data scanned from diag is not available for other vendor daemons on the same FlexLM Server.
    • Currently, the database does not allow more than 32767 issued licenses per server. Counts greater than that value will get truncated.
    • Group Settings Published Software Packages: Changes to the published Software Packages are immediately written to the database, cancel out of the dialog is ignored