• Release Version 1.9.3 can be downloaded from the filebase.

    Supported Environments

    (no change between 1.9.2 and 1.9.3)

    Windows Server 2003 SP1, Windows XP SP3 or newer (32 and 64bit)
    SQL Server 2012 R2 or newer
    .net Framework 4.6.1
    .net Framework 4.6.1. 64bit OS and minimum of 8GB RAM recommended

    New Features

    Master Catalog and Custom Packages

    Conflict handling between Master Catalog and custom packages has been modified in 1.9.3. If there are simple conflicts between package definitions in the Master Catalog and custom packages, custom packages always override the Master Catalog.

    If you want the master package back, delete the conflicting custom package. If a new custom package conflicts with an existing Master Catalog package, delete the master catalog package. The catalog update wizard has a new tab 'Custom' that shows all custom package that have potential conflicts with the Master Catalog.

    Octoscan2: Microsoft Visual Studio Detection

    Octoscan2 now uses the Microsoft documented methods to find out the installed edition of Visual Studio versions from 2010 to 2015.

    Visual Studio 2017 RC recognition if installed on standard paths. Special signatures msvs: are emitted by the scanner.

    Octoscan2: Status Window

    Cleaned up drawing of the debug/status window, eliminated excess flicker.

    Under Windows 10, the status window is now per Monitor DPI aware.

    Adobe Acrobat DC Editions

    Can now distinguish Pro / Standard Editions based on SWID Serial Number


    This utility program to override Octoscan2 configuration per machine is now a native program with no dependencies on .net.

    It supports the same platforms as the scanner Octoscan2.


    2 new Fields on Machine

    • PcSystemType
      New hardware type based on Win32_ComputerSystem.PCSystemType / PCSystemTypeEx that's easier to handle than 'ChassisTypes'.
    • ProcessorFamily


    Key elements from SWID Tag files are now available directly in the SwidDocument table. No more complex XML XPath code in Queries needed to access these values.

    Data Model

    Cleanup of data model and database documentation

    High DPI Support for the OctoSAM Inventory GUI

    Fonts are now scaled according to System DPI settings and are more crisp than when using Windows default scaling on high DPI devices.

    Note that when you have multiple Displays with different DPI settings, windows may still scale the GUI with slightly blurred fonts and icons, depending on the configuration.


    Overhauled queries for more consistent field names and tooltips on all columns.

    Tooltips are now also shown in the Column Chooser window.

    In developer mode, the query engine makes more checks to help detect coding errors such as typos etc in query definition.

    Custom Queries, Tasks and Reports Paths

    Paths to custom queries, tasks, and reports can now be configured per database in the ConfigurationInformation table in addition to

    configuration in the application configuration file (Octopus2.exe.config).

    WMI Codes

    Most WMI codes are now shown also in clear text

    Code Translation via Master Catalog

    Code translations are now stored in the database and can be updated via Global Catalog update.

    This makes code translations also available for Queries.

    Hard-coded translations in queries have been removed.


    Database connection can now be specified on the command line for scripting multiple databases

    New commands 'import repository' and 'import codes'

    Changed Functionality

    • Installation of a new software version of the import service now triggers a full housekeeping cycle with recalculation of all attributes. Previously that was only triggered by database schema update.
    • Logging of time information has been changed from milliseconds to 'rush format' showing the two most significant units.
      For example 1m 2s instead of 62000 ms.

    Removed Functionality

    • Display(Monitor) information via VESA for systems prior to Windows 7 is no longer supported. WmiMonitorID information is fully supported but not available on Windows XP.
    • Display(Monitor) information has been removed from machine reports as it has become largely irrelevant. WmiMonitorID information is still available in some Queries.
    • FlexLM user filtering feature has been removed
    • The AutoAssign view has been removed.
    • Database tables deprecated in earlier versions have ben removed
    • Office 2003 related queries have been removed

    Update Instructions:

    • Make a backup copy of the database
    • Migrate to schema version 1.9.3 from 1.9.2. See release notes of 1.9.2 SP1 if you migrate from earlier versions.
    • Deploy the new Version of Octosocan2.exe to your environment .scan files are compatible with versions 1.8.16 or newer of the import Service
    • Stop OctoSAM services on the server
    • Make a backup copy of all configuration files
    • Run the .msi Installer
    • Merge the configuration settings with the new configuration template files.
      Be especially careful with the assembly binding redirect section of the configuration files. This section must exactly match the settings in the provided sample configuration files.
    • Update the software catalog from latest master file
    • Import Standard Queries and Reports from provided .zip file.
      Tests your custom queries with the new release.
    • Restart OctoSAM services
    • Update the VMWare vCenter scanner if older than 1.9.2 (http://Support.zip/VMWare)
    • Update the AD Group scanner if older than 1.9.2 (http://Support.zip/GroupScan)

    Known Limitations :

    • DPI scaling does sometimes not work over RDP sessions, depending on the version of the server, the RDP client and DPI settings on the server.
    • Printing of charts does not work on DPI Settings other than 100%
    • FlexLM Diag scan supports only first configured vendor daemon, expiry date and other data scanned from diag is not available for other vendor daemons on the same FlexLM Server.
    • Currently, the database does not allow more than 32767 issued licenses per server. Counts greater than that value will get truncated.
    • Group Settings Published Software Packages: Changes to the published Software Packages are immediately written to the database, cancel out of the dialog is ignore