Enable high-dpi support in the OctoSAM GUI

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    High-dpi support in the OctoSAM GUI is still experimental and there are known problems mainly when running the GUI through a Terminal Server RDP session. Therefore, high-dpi support is disabled by default. However we try to improve high-dpi support with every release.

    If you run the OctoSAM GUI on your workstation or laptop and have Windows scaling set to other than 100%, you can benefit from a sharper text display by enabling high-dpi.

    Locate the Octopus2.exe.config setting in the folder where you installed it (usually Program Files\OctoSoft\OctoSAM\) and edit the Octopus2.exe.config file. Enable the following element at beginning of the file:

    Code: Octopus2.exe.config
        <add key="DpiAwareness" value="PerMonitorV2" />

    Note that you may need local Administrator privileges to edit the file.

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