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    Starting with Octopus 1.8.5 you can zoom and pan all line and bar charts.

    Use the ctrl key and the mouse wheel to zoom into a chart. Once zoomed in, you can pan the chart with your mouse.
    This way you can see all details of the chart, even if you selected a large amount of data.

    Octopus 1.8.5 Release available in the Filebase

    New Features:

    - Flexera FlexLM licensemanager monitoring
    - Support for SWID tags
    - New and improved queries
    - Local push Installation of the scanner module for laptops
    - Automatic cleanup of local data at end of monitoring period
    - Additional hardware information on the Machine object for easier reporting and simpler queries:

    - Improved graphs - zoom/pan
    - Syntax highlighting for XML and SQL code
    - Performance impovement in the GUI
    - Improved Excel export, native .xlsx export
    - Imporoved signature import and export handling
    - Support for Windows 8.1
    - Support for Server 2012
    - Various Bugfixes