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    Octopus provides 3 different context menus:

    Object context menu on object nodes in trees

    and in the header of an object document window

    The grid data display has two different context menus depending on the position within the grid:
    Column Header Section:

    Details Section:

    Context menu items I'd like to point out:

    • Save Layout / Reset Layout
      Allows to memorize your grid layout including grouping, sorting, visible columns, filters etc. so that you have the same layout when you open the same grid next time.
      For Queries, one layout per query can be stored.
    • Cell Range Selection
      If checked, you can select any rectangular portion of the grid. This can be useful if you want to copy and paste to Excel or other applications
    • Database
      Contains basic database operations such as deleting the object(s)

    Starting with Octopus 1.8.5 you can zoom and pan all line and bar charts.

    Use the ctrl key and the mouse wheel to zoom into a chart. Once zoomed in, you can pan the chart with your mouse.
    This way you can see all details of the chart, even if you selected a large amount of data.

    Octopus 1.8.5 Release available in the Filebase

    New Features:

    - Flexera FlexLM licensemanager monitoring
    - Support for SWID tags
    - New and improved queries
    - Local push Installation of the scanner module for laptops
    - Automatic cleanup of local data at end of monitoring period
    - Additional hardware information on the Machine object for easier reporting and simpler queries:

    - Improved graphs - zoom/pan
    - Syntax highlighting for XML and SQL code
    - Performance impovement in the GUI
    - Improved Excel export, native .xlsx export
    - Imporoved signature import and export handling
    - Support for Windows 8.1
    - Support for Server 2012
    - Various Bugfixes