• OctoSAM 1.10.6 Release builds are available for download.

    Technical Documentation (github.io)

    Supported Environments - minimum Requirements

    Windows Scanner Windows Server 2008 R2

    Windows 7 SP1

    macOS Scanner macOS 11 (Big Sur)
    Linux Scanner RHEL / CentOS 7
    Rocky Linux 8.4
    Fedora 25
    SUSE 12
    Debian 9

    Ubuntu 16

    other systemd based distributions upon request

    The linux scanner depends on the installed system python. Minimal supported python versions are 2.7 or 3.6.
    Linux systems with python < 2.7 or < 3.6 are no longer supported.

    OctoSAM Database SQL Server 2017 (Compatibility Level 140)
    for upgrades from older SQL Server Versions we recommend to update at minimum to SQL Server 2019.
    SQL Server 2019 will be required starting with OctoSAM 1.11.1 (Q2 2024).
    OctoSAM Server Components Windows Server 2016
    .net 7.0 hosting bundle
    OctoSAM GUI Windows 10 Version 21H1 (OS build 19043) / Windows Server 2016
    .net 7.0 desktop runtime 64 bit

    New Features

    • Software Signature handling in the web Interface
    • Improved Usability of the web interface when a function such as a complex query or one that returns a lot of results requires some more time
    • Windows Autostart scanning per system and user specific
      • UI to view Windows AutoStart configuration from user and machine in the Octpus2 GUI and the web UI
      • New query to find WIndows AutoStart configurations on multiple systems/users
    • New query to analyze Anaconda/Miniconda usage
    • Oracle VirtualBox Extension Pack detection
    • Improved reorganization of signatures that are no longer installed
    • Java Linux detection has been updated to support newer java distributions
    • The public address of the web interface can now be configured via Admin Settings page
    • License: Currency part of Money fields is now editable, including custom Money fields
      • Default currency can be set per user in the user preferences
      • For extension Attributes, default visibility of the currency column can be configured
    • ServiceNow integration: OctoSAM now exports the URL to a computer object in the new field u_octosam_url, a transform script is no longer needed.
    • Octopus2: can now search for the database id of an object by entering #<id> in the filter text box
    • Database storage usage for history of Hardware & Configuration data has been optimized which leads to a reduction of database size of around 20%.
    • Improved recovery of OctoSAM services in case of database problems
    • Improved logging throughout


    • Import of MSOL cloud scan files is no longer supported, Migrate to the Graph Interface
    • Logging/telemetry to Stackify has been removed from the product, Logging to site-specific logging infrastructure is of course still possible via SeriLog
    • The python based Linux scanner has been restructured, macOS support has been removed. Python 2.6 is no longer supported
    • Hyper-V KVP parsing for Linux scans has been moved to the Import Service.
    • Linux RPM now imports the Vendor/Publisher and Packager information if available
    • Script "export" execution gets performed only during a full housekeeping, partial houskeeping after service restart does no longer call the "export" script handler.
    • Experimental "modern" theme has been removed for Octopus2, Theming will be reconsidered with migration to .net 8.0
    • Database Schema Cleanup
    • Updated 3rd Party Components

    Scan File Compatibility

    • The 1.10.6 import service supports reading 1.10.5, 1.10.4, and 1.10.3 files. Import of older .scan files is only partially supported for Windows systems with unsupported operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista) that cannot update to the newest scanner. Imported information may be incomplete for these systems.

    Update Instructions
    Update from 1.10.5 to 1.10.6 if updating from an earlier version, see release notes of all versions in between

    • For OctoSAM server installations, make sure you have the newest .net 7.0 hosting bundle installed
    • For the Octopus2 GUI client, make sure you have the newest .net 7.0 desktop runtime installed
    • Make sure your Browsers (Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome) are up to date
    • Stop OctoSAM services on the server
    • Stop IIS if you have deployed an IIS based module
    • Make a backup copy of the database
    • Optionally run the .MSI Installer for the GUI client, but prefer starting the GUI client from the Server/Octopus2 folder without installing the .MSI.
      • If you use the .MSI Installer, note that update installations from 1.10.5 are not supported.
        Please uninstall the previously installed version before you run the .MSI installer for 1.10.6.
    • Rename the existing Server folder
    • Copy the new Server folder from installation media
    • Migrate the database schema with the supplied migration scripts
    • Check your current appsettngs.json settings with the new sample file
      • consider switching to SSL encrypted LDAP connections
    • If you scan license management servers such as FlexLM, make sure the local tools are current. Use the newest tools provided by your servers.
    • Update the repository (formerly Reports and Queries) from provided .zip file.
    • Start OctoSAM services
    • Make sure that a full housekeeping was executed before trying to start the OctoSAM web interface
      • Or use octoutil dbinit command
    • Configure the public URL of the OctoSAM web interface in the Admin -> Settings tab`
    • Note that the Column SoftwareSignature.Publisher has been renamed to SoftwareSignature.RawPublisher and Machine.Manufacturer to Machine.RawManufacturer. These fields contain the scanned information. Normalized Publisher and Manufacturer names are available via join to the corresponding tables. Custom queries that access these columns need to be adjusted.
    • Analyze the Service log files for errors and warnings during initial imports and housekeeping
    • Update Octoscan2 windows scanner
    • After successful update remove the now obsolete renamed Server folder

    Known Limitations

    • DPI scaling is still experimental and does sometimes not work over RDP sessions, depending on the version of the server, the RDP client and DPI settings on involved systems.
    • FlexLM Diag scan supports only first configured vendor daemon, expiry date and other data scanned from diag is not available for other vendor daemons on the same FlexLM server.
    • Reports with more than 2000 different software packages selected fail due to a limit in SQL Server.
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