OctoSAM Java Detection Features in 1.10.8 and Later

  • OctoSAM releases 1.9.8 to 1.10.8 greatly extended the detection capabilities for various java distributions.

    The following table shows the current detection capabilities per platform:

    Detailed version, edition, and publisher detectionYesYesYes
    Detailed Open JDK publisher detectionYesYesYes
    Oracle Java build detection on signature levelYesYesYes
    Oracle GA and BPR release detection for Java 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8
    (BPR releases are only available for licensed customers)
    Oracle GA release detection for Java SE 11 and 17YesPlannedPlanned
    Windows version resource scanYesN/ANA
    Binary executable scan for detailed version informationYesPlannedNo
    Windows Authenticode certificate scanYesN/AN/A
    JRockit detectionYesYesPlanned
    Detection of updates within Oracle Java version that require licensing
    (Updates that are not publicly available or change of license policy within a version)
    Patchlevel within Update version informationYesYesNo
    Use of .MSI installer vs. free .exe based installerYesN/AN/A
    Graal VM detectionBetaPlannedPlanned
    Java Usage Tracker Feature system-wide file based configurationYesYesPlanned
    Java Usage Tracker JAVA_HOME file based configurationYesYesNo
    Java Usage Tracker command line configuration at scan timeYesYesPlanned
    Java commercial features command line configuration at scan timeYesYesPlanned
    Java Auto Update configurationYesPlannedPlanned
    Weblogic / Websphere command line configuration at scan timeYesYesPlanned
    Tomcat command line configuration at scan timeYesYesPlanned
    Tomcat Windows service detectionYesN/AN/A
    Catalog based Oracle processor core factor detectionYesYesYes

    The different scanners use a collection of platform specific methods to detect Java installations

    Standard system Java (PATH)YesYesYes
    System default package installerYesYesYes
    Custom package installerN/AN/APlanned (Homebrew)
    Java RegistryYesN/AN/A
    JRockit RegistryYesN/AN/A
    Microsoft OpenJDK Registry (when installed via .MSI)YesN/AN/A
    Tomcat Windows Service RegistryYesN/AN/A
    Running processes at system scanYesYesPlanned
    Running processes during the whole user session (metering)YesNoNo
    Standard file system locationsYesYesYes
    Configurable custom file system locationsYesYesNo
    All local file systemsYesPlannedNo
    Windows Services scanYesN/AN/A
    Systemd scanN/APlannedN/A
    Java Update Auto Start detectionYesN/AN/A

    * Windows 7 and later

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