• Can be downloaded from the Filebase

    Supported Environments - minimum Requirements

    Windows Scanner
    Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

    Windows 7 SP1

    macOS Scanner macOS 10.12 (Sierra)
    Linux Scanner RHEL / CentOs 7
    Fedora 25
    SUSE 12
    Debian 9

    Ubuntu 16

    other distributions upon request

    OctoSAM Database SQL Server 2016 SP1 or newer
    OctoSAM Server Components .net Framework 4.8 64 bit required
    OctoSAM GUI .net Framework 4.8 64 bit required

    New Features

    • Improved Java detection
    • Oracle GA / BPR release detection for Java 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8
    • HTTP/S based scan file collection server is now also available on Windows / IIS.
    • A summary of detected Java versions and features can be found here
    • Improved VMWare ESX Support to directly indicate VCenter to ESX host relations required for Oracle licensing calculations
    • Catalog based Oracle Core Factor. Can be manually overridden per machine.
    • Software catalog update can now be scripted (OctoUtil) or automated in import service
    • Improved performance of the Windows GUI.
    • Improved application startup performance by significantly reducing the number of database round trips.
    • Improved OctoUtil plan processing logging and .csv parsing.
    • Master catalog info now lists package to publisher relations
    • Improved High DPI rendering of the Windows GUI
    • Additional Fields in Queries
    • Data model clean-up

    Potentially Breaking Changes

    • Windows Server 2008 no longer supported
    • Windows 7 without Service Pack 1 no longer supported
    • WIndows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 need patches to support SHA-2

    Potentially Breaking Changes for Custom Queries

    • Attribute sortstyle is no longer supported for multiselect and dropdownlist controls

    Potentially Breaking Changes in the Data Model

    • Tables and Columns in the database that were not used have been removed in this release
    • User.Guid must now be unique. You cannot migrate the database is this requirement is not met

    Potentially Breaking Changes in OctoUtil Import Plans

    • The .csv parser has been refactored. Comment lines starting with # are now always ignored, The new implementation of skiplines does no longer count comment lines.

    Scan File Compatibility

    • The 1.9.9 import service can read 1.9.9, 1.9.8, and 1.9.7 scan files.

    Update Instructions

    • Stop OctoSAM services on the server
    • Make a backup copy of the database
    • Migrate the database schema using the provided migrate_* scripts
      Note that a direct Migration from a Version other than 1.9.8 is not supported.
      Update to version 1.9.8 and run a full housekeeping before updating to 1.9.9
    • Make a backup copy of all configuration files
    • Run the .MSI Installer
    • Merge the configuration settings with the new configuration template files.Update the software catalog
    • Import Standard Queries and Reports from provided .zip file.
    • Start OctoSAM services
    • Update Octoscan2 windows scanner
    • Update the Mac and Linux Scanner
    • Update other scanners and their start scripts

    Known Limitations

    • DPI scaling is still experimental and does sometimes not work over RDP sessions, depending on the version of the server, the RDP client and DPI settings on the server.
    • FlexLM Diag scan supports only first configured vendor daemon, expiry date and other data scanned from diag is not available for other vendor daemons on the same FlexLM Server.
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